Our blog posts expand on elements of the Atlas, including selection decisions, lessons learned from our archival partners, and some of the ontological issues we found when working with digitised newspaper metadata.

Read All About It — Designing a Front Page

The face of the newspaper has changed substantially over time, and also varies widely between publications. We take for granted that modern newspapers have image-laden spreads on the front cover, including attention-grabbing headlines with a particular kind of truncated grammar. Although tabloid newspapers are often parodied for the tone and... [Read More]

Wrong Hierarchies; or, Appreciating the Value of Non-Authoritative Metadata for Digitised Newspaper Collections

In our last, we discussed the possibilities and initial efforts made by librarians and other collection holders to provide access, and in some cases even integrate, existing newspaper indices into digitised newspaper collections. These historical ontologies—systems of categorisation and structures of knowledge—were constructed by individuals who maintained a certain claim... [Read More]

How Do You Solve A Problem Like OCR?

The complexity of Optical Character Recognition as a problem isn’t always fully understood by users. In 1999, Stephen V. Rice, George Nagy and Thomas A. Nartker offered an illustrated guide to OCR that suggested “A seven year old child can identify characters with far greater accuracy than the leading OCR... [Read More]