Our blog posts expand on elements of the Atlas, including selection decisions, lessons learned from our archival partners, and some of the ontological issues we found when working with digitised newspaper metadata.

Improving User Experience to Make It Easier to Add Metadata

Improving the user experience for adding metadata is key to enabling all interested parties, university-affiliated and otherwise, to contribute their expertise. Getting to this point will require the developers of tools to engage end-users as early as possible. Overview of User Needs Systems for interacting with metadata should be easy... [Read More]

Democratising the Archive

A Vision for 2030

One of our hopes for 2030 is to help empower users to unlock the full potential of digitised collections through a knowledge of—and confidence in using—a wider range of tools and approaches. We know that users come to these collections with different disciplinary backgrounds, interests, experiences, and skill sets. How... [Read More]

Ascertaining Authorship

Although The Waterloo Directory offers a valuable index of names, it is striking that there has been, arguably, greater interest in identifying individual authorship in Victorian periodicals than in newspapers. This is evident in the scope of leading projects like The Wellesley Index, which identifies authors across forty-five Victorian periodicals,... [Read More]