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As Trove’s sub-collections can be created by end-users, their variant of this field includes the number, names, URLs and the name of creator. In the BL collections, this indicates a broader but standardised sub-category of publication. In the nineteenth century, newspapers were referred to using geographic and genre distinctions, such as the provincial press, or family papers, though such collections did not coalesce around themes the way that digitised collections can.


“The letter campaign of 1894 was just the beginning of a life spent agitating for representation and equality for poor women. Nield’s career as an author began by writing anonymous letters to the provincial press…” [Bunting, 142]

“The emphasis on annuals also obscures the significance of monthly periodicals and weekly provincial and metropolitan newspapers in the history of nineteenth-century women’s poetry.” [Easley 2016a, 707]

“The Chronicle, like many town papers of the era, brought national issues and trends to regional readers and carried general reports on progressive women’s issues of the day.” [Bunting, 143]