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Geographische Abdeckung; Verspreidingsgebied; Maantieteellinen kattavuus; Cobertura geografica.

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Researchers of the British and Australian press tend to group newspapers as Rural, Provincial or Metropolitan Press, based on its place of publication and where its reach was primarily felt. The Delpher collection includes newspapers that were published in the Netherlands or parts of the world that once belonged to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which includes the former colonies, the Dutch Indies, Suriname and the Caribbean. There are exceptions, including newspapers of Dutch migrants to the United States in the nineteenth and twentieth century, partly in Dutch and later in English. The Trove collection began with one title from each state and territory to start the archive, in order to be representative. These were often the oldest or biggest newspaper from each state. They are also in the process of expanding their collection beyond Australia, digitising newspapers from countries including Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and the Pacific islands.


Front page of the Maidenhead Advertiser, 28 July 1869. The publisher’s statement provides a list of towns in which the newspaper is distributed. Wikimedia Commons.

“The letter campaign of 1894 was just the beginning of a life spent agitating for representation and equality for poor women. Nield’s career as an author began by writing anonymous letters to the provincial press…“ [Bunting, 142]

“Lady Greville likely did not attend the ball personally. Except for the by-line on her own article, her name is not mentioned in any of the (approximately 200) articles about the ball found so far, not even in the stories from newspapers like the ones that later published her obituary, with regional connections to her and the rest of her family.” [Cogdill, 185]

“The emphasis on annuals also obscures the significance of monthly periodicals and weekly provincial and metropolitan newspapers in the history of nineteenth-century women’s poetry.” [Easley 2016a, 707]

“The Chronicle, like many town papers of the era, brought national issues and trends to regional readers and carried general reports on progressive women’s issues of the day.” [Bunting, 143]

“Excellent in every department of journalism […] so vast was his newspaper-reading that he never missed a noticeable point, not merely in London, but in the provincial press.” [Yates, 1.283]

“A geographical edition is one of multiple publications issued at the same time by the same publisher and usually having the same title. The contents of the editions generally vary to include news from different cities, towns, or regions.” [Sagendorf and Moore, 6]

“On syytä huomioida, että jakoalueen kuntien lukumäärä ei ole sama asia kuin suuri painos tai laaja maantieteellinen kattavuus

Masthead of The Voice of Jacob. or, the Hebrews’ Monthly Miscellany, 5 September 1842: 17. Sydney edition. Trove.