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Technical Definition

Provides the volume information, either a numerical volume number relative to the newspaper title or a unique identifier. One volume comprises many issues.

Category Notes

This field is relatively uncommon. In F1ME and PPME, volume information is located within a string including newspaper title and date information. MODS:number URI: METS label URI:

Individual Collection Notes

DEMP: Refers to the volume number as printed on the original.

F1ME: The volume information provided includes the newspaper title and the year of publication.

PPME: The volume information provided includes the newspaper title and the date of publication as well as a numerical volume number.



B1GL issue\volNum NUM 1
B1JI BL_newspaper\BL_page\issue_metadata\volumeNumber NUM 1
CAME mets\dmdSec\mdWrap\xmlData\mods:mods\mods:relatedItem\mods:Identifier\mods:part\mods:detail[@type=“volume”]\mods:number NUM 18
DEMP didl:DIDL\didl:Item\didl:Component\didl:Resource\srw_dc:dcx\dcx:volume NUM 10
SBME mets:mets\mets:dmdSec\mets:mdWrap\mets:xmlData\mods:mods\mods:part\mods:detail[@type=“volume”]\mods:number STR Vol. 3
TRME mets:mets\mets:dmdSec\mets:mdWrap\mets:xmlData\mods:mods\mods:relatedItem\mods:part\mods:detail@mods:number NUM 41

Unique Identifier

F1ME mets\structMap\div\div[@TYPE=“VOLUME”]@LABEL STR Suomi no. 1 1841
PPME mets\structMap\div\div[@TYPE=“VOLUME”]@LABEL STR Daily Southern Cross no. I 1843-04-22