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Technical Definition

This category contains information about the publisher of the publication. It does so without date or other restrictions and should be considered to refer to the entire run of the newspaper as defined by category Normalised Title.

Category Notes

This field is relatively uncommon. Information on the publisher for a given date is most likely to be obtained through cross reference with the MARC records of the holding library.

Individual Collection Notes

DEMP: Dublin Core URI:
F2AL: Provides two fields for publisher information, the original publisher and the latest publisher.


DEMP didl:DIDL\didl:Item\didl:Component\didl:Resource\srw_dc:dcx\dc:publisher STR J.H. Molenbroek
F2AL pageOCRDATA\metadata\originalPublisher STR SLEY-Kirjat Oy
F2AL pageOCRDATA\metadata\latestPublisher STR SLEY-Kirjat Oy
SBMA mets:mets\mets:dmdSec\mets:mdWrap\mets:xmlData\mods:mods\mods:originInfo[@eventType=“publication”]\mods:publisher STR Särchen