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Technical Definition

Provides the date range, in either years or full dates, of the publication. It does so without date or other restrictions and should be considered to refer to the newspaper as defined by ontological subcategory normalised title. There are three variants, the dates included in the collection (collection range), those that to our knowledge existed (full range), and all the individual days, months and years of publication.

Newspaper start date and end date provide the full ISO date for the publication’s first and last issue. Instantiations are divided into container elements, which hold no specific data, and attributes or specific elements, which hold the year, month and day separately.

Category Notes

These fields are uncommon; more usually, only the date for the specific issue is given. Start and end dates only appear in B1JI. URI for Dublin Core property ‘issued’:

Individual Collection Notes

B1GL: Several date ranges can be listed, separated by a semicolon. Refers to the digitised holdings, rather than the newspaper’s actual run.

B1JI: Several date ranges can be listed, separated by a semicolon. The start and end date refer to a specific alternate title for this newspaper and only to the digitised holdings, rather than the newspaper’s actual run.

DEMP: The ddd:yearsDigitized field refers only to years of publication held in the “Databank Digitale Dagbladen” collection.

HNDM: All the individual days, months and years of publication are listed.


Full Publication Date Range

B1JI BL_newspaper\BL_page\title_metadata\datesOfPublication DAR 1 Jan 1800 - 23 Aug 1876; 30 Aug 1876 - 31 Dec 1900
B1GL issue\citation\datesOfPublication DAR 1 Jan 1800 - 27 Aug 1859; 29 Aug 1859 - 21 Feb 1860; 22 Feb 1860 - 20 Apr 1867
DEMP didl:DIDL\didl:Item\didl:Component\didl:Resource\srw_dc:dcx\ddd:yearsDigitized DAR 1940-1945
DEMP didl:DIDL\didl:Item\didl:Component\didl:Resource\srw_dc:dcx\dcterms:issued DAR 1856-2002
HNDM $.publication.fecha DAR “fecha”:[{“aa”:”1900”,”mes”:[ {“mm”:”01”,”dia”:[“01”]}]}]
SBMA mets:mets\mets:dmdSec\mets:mdWrap\mets:xmlData\mods:mods\mods:note[@type=“date\sequential designation”] STR 1932,4(14.Nov.) - 1936,39(26.Okt.); 1939,45(27.Jan.); mehr nicht digitalisiert

Publication Start Date


B1JI BL_newspaper\BL_page\title_metadata\changeToTitle\startDate NUL  


B1JI BL_newspaper\BL_page\title_metadata\changeToTitle\startDate@day DAT 30


B1JI BL_newspaper\BL_page\title_metadata\changeToTitle\startDate@month DAT 8


B1JI:BL_newspaper\BL_page\title_metadata\changeToTitle\startDate@year DAT 1876


SBMA mets:mets\mets:dmdSec\mets:mdWrap\mets:xmlData\mods:mods\mods:originInfo[@eventType=“publication”]\mods:dateIssued[@point=“start”] DAT 1930-01-01

Publication End Date


B1JI BL_newspaper\BL_page\title_metadata\changeToTitle\endDate NUL  


B1JI BL_newspaper\BL_page\title_metadata\changeToTitle\endDate@day DAT 30


B1JI BL_newspaper\BL_page\title_metadata\changeToTitle\endDate@month DAT 8


B1JI:BL_newspaper\BL_page\title_metadata\changeToTitle\endDate@year DAT 1876


SBMA mets:mets\mets:dmdSec\mets:mdWrap\mets:xmlData\mods:mods\mods:originInfo[@eventType=“publication”]\mods:dateIssued[@point=“end”] DAT 1945-12-31