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Technical Definition

Information about paragraphs, including XML containers, text alignment, and UIDs.

Category Notes

These fields appear irregularly in ALTO files and in some of the other file structures. They are primarily used as XML containers, rather than holding data, to which style attributes can be attached.

Individual Collection Notes

DEAL: String-Choice: “Left”, “Right”, “Center”, “Block”.

EUAL: String-Choice: “Left”, “Right”, “Center”, “Block”.

F1AL: String-Choice: “Left”, “Right”, “Center”, “Block”.

F2AL: String-Choice: “Left”, “Right”, “Center”, “Block”.

PPAL: String-Choice: “Left”, “Right”, “Center”, “Block”.

TRAL: String-Choice: “Left”, “Right”, “Center”, “Block”.


As an XML Container

B1GL issue\article\text\text.title\p NUL  
B1GL issue\article\text\\p NUL  
B2GL issue\article\text\text.title\p NUL  
SBAT PcGts\Page\TextRegion NUL  
TDAG issue\page\article\text\\p NUL  

The Description of Text Alignment for Paragraph Text

DEAL alto\Styles\ParagraphStyle@ALIGN MCH Right
EUAL alto\Styles\ParagraphStyle@ALIGN MCH Right
F1AL alto\Style\ParagraphStyle@ALIGN MCH Left
F2AL pageOCRDATA\content\altoXML\alto\Styles\ParagraphStyle@ALIGN MCH Center
PPAL alto\Styles\ParagraphStyle@ALIGN MCH Right
TRAL alto\Styles\ParagraphStyle@ALIGN MCH Left

Unique Identifier for Paragraph Text

DEAL alto\Styles\ParagraphStyle@ID UID PAR_RIGHT
EUAL alto\Styles\ParagraphStyle@ID UID PAR_CENTER
F1AL alto\Style\ParagraphStyle@ID UID PAR_LEFT
F2AL pageOCRDATA\content\altoXML\alto\Styles\ParagraphStyle@ID UID PAR_CENTER
PPAL alto\Styles\ParagraphStyle@ID UID PAR_RIGHT
SBAT PcGts\Page\TextRegion@id UID R0
TRAL alto\Styles\ParagraphStyle@ID UID PAR1