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Technical Definition

Indicates the position of the page within the issue.

Category Notes

This field is uncommon.

Individual Collection Notes

DEAL: String-Choice: “Left”, “Right”, “Foldout”, “Single”, “Cover”.

TDAG: Options are “Single” or “Double”.

TRAL: String-Choice: “Left”, “Right”, “Foldout”, “Single”, “Cover”.

TRAP: Sometimes used to indicate what is printed on the page, or perhaps the page number within a section/supplement. Not displayed in the Trove web interface. Sometimes numeric and sometimes not. e.g.\&key=<insert key here>.


DEAL alto\Layout\Page@POSITION MCH Single
TDAG issue\page\pageid@pageIndicator MCH Single
TRAL alto\Layout\Page@POSITION MCH Single
TRAP article\title\page\pageLabel STR Front cover
F1ME mets\structMap\div\div\div\div@TYPE STR FRONT