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Technical Definition

Classifies newspapers depending on their wider geographic area of publication and readership; it is listed as regional, local, or a specific territory. If not indicated, it can often be presumed to coincide with place of publication. It can be used to distinguish between different editions of the same paper aimed at different cities, towns or regions.

Category Notes

This is a rare field and is only available in B1JI and DEMP. URI for Dublin Core spatial characteristic:

Individual Collection Notes

B1JI: The subCollection field can, but does not necessarily, provide geographical information, e.g. “Regional Daily”.

DEMP: Multiple choice options include Landelijk (national newspaper title), Regionaal/lokaal (local newspaper title), Nederlandse Antillen, Suriname, and Nederlands-Indië / Indonesië.


B1JI BL_newspaper\BL_page\title_metadata\subCollection MCH Regional Daily
DEMP didl:DIDL\didl:Item\didl:Component\didl:Resource\srw_dc:dcx\dcterms:spatial MCH Regional/lokaal