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Technical Definition

Gives the date of the issue. May refer to the publication date, the date as printed on the issue, the ISO standard date or a part of the date, such as the day of the week, day, month or year. In some cases, this is normalised and in others it is the date as printed on the image.

Category Notes

This field is common, but there are various date formats (e.g. month only, day of the week). Dublin Core ‘date’ URI: MODS:dateIssued URI:, which may be in textual or structured form.

Individual Collection Notes

F2AL: Year and month only.

SBME: The separate fields for year, month and date build, so that “year” contains year only, “month” contains year-month, and “day” contains year-month-day.

SBMY: The separate fields for year, month and date build, so that “year” contains year only, “month” contains year-month, and “day” contains year-month-day.


Publication Date

B1GL issue\da DAT January 03, 1822
B2GL issue\da DAT January 03, 1822
B1GI issue\metadataInfo\da\composed DAT January 2, 1798
B2GI issue\metadataInfo\da\composed DAT July 31, 1813
DEMP didl:DIDL\didl:Item\didl:Component\didl:Resource\srw_dc:dcx\ dc:date DAT 18/04/1945
F2AL pageOCRDATA\metadata\published DAT 1881-11
HNDM $.publication.pagina.fecha DAT ISODate(“1900-01-01T18:00:00.000Z”)
PPME mets\dmdSec\mdWrap[@LABEL=“Bibliographic meta-data of the printed version”]\xmlData\MODS:mods\MODS:originInfo\MODS:dateIssued DAT 1843-04-22
PPME mets\dmdSec\mdWrap[@LABEL=“Bibliographic meta-data of Issue”]\xmlData\MODS:mods\MODS:originInfo\MODS:dateIssued DAT 1843-04-22
SBME mets:mets\mets:dmdSec\mets:mdWrap\mets:xmlData\mods:mods\mods:originInfo[@eventType=“publication”]\mods:dateIssued DAT 1934-05-10
SBME mets:mets\mets:structMap[@TYPE=“LOGICAL”]\mets:div\mets:div\mets:div\mets:div\mets:div@ORDERLABEL DAT 1934-05-10
SBMY mets:mets\mets:structMap\mets:div\mets:div\mets:div\mets:div\mets:div@ORDERLABEL DAT 1934-05-10
TDAG issue\da\composed DAT July 14, 1812
TRAP article\title\date DAT 1876-05-27
TRME mets:mets\mets:dmdSec\mets:mdWrap\mets:xmlData\mods:mods\mods:originInfo\mods:dateIssued DAT 19350706

Printed Date

B1GL issue\printedDate DAT January 03, 1822
B1JI BL_newspaper\BL_page\issue_metadata\printedDate DAT Monday, January 6, 1800
B2GL issue\printedDate DAT January 03, 1822

Standardised Date of Publication

B1GL issue\pf DAT 18220103
B1GI issue\metadataInfo\da\searchableDateStart DAT 17980102
B2GL issue\pf DAT 18220103
B2GI issue\metadataInfo\da\searchableDateStart DAT 18130731
B1JI BL_newspaper\BL_page\issue_metadata\normalisedDate DAT 1800.01.06
HNME METS:mets\METS:dmdSec\METS:mdWrap\METS:xmlData\DC:date DAT 19240101
TDAG issue\da\searchableDateStart DAT 18120714

Day of the Week of Publication

B1GL issue\dw MCH Thursday
B1GI issue\metadataInfo\dw MCH Tuesday
B2GL issue\dw MCH Thursday
B2GI issue\metadataInfo\dw MCG Friday

Day of Publication

B1GI issue\metadataInfo\da\day DAT 2
B2GI issue\metadataInfo\da\day DAT 31
CADI sn\year\month\null[day] DAT 4
SBME mets:mets\mets:structMap[@TYPE=“LOGICAL”]\mets:div\mets:div\mets:div\mets:div@ORDERLABEL DAT 1934-05-10
SBMY mets:mets\mets:structMap\mets:div\mets:div\mets:div\mets:div@ORDERLABEL DAT 1934-05-10
TDAG issue\da\day DAT 14

Month of Publication

B1GI issue\metadataInfo\da\month DAT January
B2GI issue\metadataInfo\da\month DAT July
CADI sn\year\null[month] DAT 8
SBME mets:mets\mets:structMap[@TYPE=“LOGICAL”]\mets:div\mets:div\mets:div@ORDERLABEL DAT 1934-05
SBMY mets:mets\mets:structMap\mets:div\mets:div\mets:div@ORDERLABEL DAT 1934-05
TDAG issue\da\month DAT July

Year of Publication

B1GI issue\metadataInfo\da\year DAT 1798
B2GI issue\metadataInfo\da\year DAT 1813
CADI sn\null[year] DAT 1915
F1ME mets\dmdSec\mdWrap\xmlData\MODS:mods\MODS:originInfo\MODS:dateIssued DAT 1841
PPDI Newspaper Data\Papers Past\\[abbreviated newspaper title]\[year] DAT  
SBME mets:mets\mets:structMap[@TYPE=“LOGICAL”]\mets:div\mets:div@ORDERLABEL DAT 1934
SBMA mets:mets\mets:structMap\mets:div\mets:div@ORDERLABEL DAT 1934
SBMY mets:mets\mets:structMap\mets:div\mets:div@ORDERLABEL DAT 1934
TDAG issue\da\year DAT 1812