Technical Definition

Information about tags and comments added to an article by online users.

Usage Notes

Only Trove currently has the functionality to support user-generated tags or to provide this information to other users via its API.

Category Notes

These fields only appear in the Trove API. All dates are recorded in UTC time zone notation. There may be more than one tag element.


TRAP article\tag@tag@lastupdated DAT “2012-02-20T23:57:57Z”
TRAP article\comment STR Robert Fuy should probably read Robert Fuz
TRAP article\commentCount NUM 1
TRAP article\correctionCount NUM 1
TRAP article\tag STR fashion
TRAP article\tagCount NUM 3
TRAP article\comment@comment@by STR public:annmanley
TRAP article\comment@comment@lastupdated DAT 2012-02-20T23:57:57Z
TRAP article\list@list@by STR “dance” (NLA staff accounts do not include the ‘public’ prefix)
TRAP article\list@list@lastupdated DAT 2012-02-29T01:02:15Z
TRAP article\list@list@url URL /list/21922
TRAP article\lastCorrection@lastCorrection@by STR “anonymous” (no user account identified)
TRAP article\lastCorrection@lastCorrection@lastupdated DAT 2011-12-06T18:05:17Z