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Technical Definition

Specifies the genre of the article, such as Advertisements or News Article.

Category Notes

This field appears in several databases, always as a multiple-choice option; Dublin Core guidance suggests using a controlled vocabulary of keywords. Dublin Core dc:subject URI: MODS type attribute (within MODS:genre):

Individual Collection Notes

DEMP: Multiple choice options are Familiebericht (family notice), Advertentie (advertisement or small notice), Illustratie met onderschrift (illustration which is not part of an article, e.g. a cartoon), and Artikel (regular article).

TRAP: Multiple choice options are: Article; Advertising; Detailed lists, results, guides; Family Notices; Literature.


B1GL issue\article\ct MCH Advertisements \& Notices
B1GI issue\page\article\ct MCH Classified
B2GL issue\article\ct MCH News
B2GI issue\page\article\ct MCH Classified ads
DEMP didl:DIDL\didl:Item\didl:Item\didl:Item\didl:Component\didl:Resource\srw_dc:dcx\dc:subject MCH Artikel
DEMP didl:DIDL\didl:Item\didl:Item\didl:Item\didl:Component\srw_dc:dcx\dc:subject MCH Artikel
TDAG issue\page\article\ct MCH Classified ads
TRAP article\category MCH Article
TRME mets:mets\mods:dmdSec\mods:mdWrap\mods:xmlData\mods:mods\mods:genre[@TYPE=“articleCategory”] MCH Article