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Bibliothek; Bibliotheek; Kokoelman omistava kirjasto.

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The commercial digitiser Gale works with newspaper publishers directly, including The Times, The Independent and The Mirror. However, where the microfilm or the originals are not of sufficient quality or there are gaps, they source missing editions from the British Library. Each database history contains additional details about the libraries consulted for their collection.


“Even by 1889, men outnumbered women in the segregated news rooms of Barrow’s public library by a factor of fifteen to one, ‘a fair average of the number of persons who enter the rooms daily, for the purpose of reading the Newspapers and Periodicals’.” [Hobbs 2018, 55]

“According to the 1881 Macmillan’s article, the principal purpose of the free library is ‘employing the leisure time of the working classes in a more rational way, and weaning them from the degrading haunts of drink and vice through its newspapers,’ and thus through newspapers and books ‘carrying on the education of the coming race’.” [Bernstein, n.pag.]

“The Library‘s digital collection is heterogeneous, comprising content such as eBooks, eJournals and the UK Web Archive, digitised newspapers and manuscripts, digital maps and digital sheet music, electoral registers, patents, and personal digital archives.” [The British Library, 3]