We welcome new entries in our glossary. The glossary is not meant to be an exhaustive guide to newspaper history and layout, as there is a wealth of scholarly literature on this subject, but should be tied to what is present in the metadata.

Creating the New Entry

You should use the provided template, described below:

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## Language Variants

## Usage Notes

## Examples

### [Sub-Type Examples] 

Language Variants
For content, citation, bibliographic and holdings metadata, we aim to include language variants representing the countries we have worked with on the project (Dutch, Finnish, German, Spanish). Please feel free to include other languages as well. These variants should be verified with reference to the literature rather than drawn from a translation tool.

Usage Notes
This section should include relevant information about the entry’s evolution in the nineteenth century, and what term(s) would have been understood by contemporaries (those living in the nineteenth century). For those based on layout terminology, please provide a specific description that makes it clear what is being referred to. You may also want to include relevant detail from the history of digitisation itself, where applicable. Please link your glossary entry to any corresponding metadata map.

These can be drawn from nineteenth-century primary sources, but should primarily focus on how periodicals researchers, historians, digitisers, archivists and library scientists have used the term. Please add any new sources to our bibliography using MLA referencing. A good starting point is Victorian Periodicals Review or the Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism (ed. Marysa Demoor and Laurel Brake, 2009) for historical uses, and published IFLA proceedings for archive and library science usage.

Completing the New Entry

Please create a new glossary entry under http://atlasofdigitisednewspapers.github.io/glossary/ as [chosen-title.md]. Also ensure you add the new entry to http://atlasofdigitisednewspapers.github.io/glossary/index.md as a link (the entries are in alphabetical order), so that it is visible on the glossary page.